Maurice Glasman is a Labour peer and director of the faith and citizenship programme at London Metropolitan University

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02 April 2015
A masterclass in leadership.
UK Politics
01 May 2013
“The lives of the dead hang like a nightmare on the minds of the living,” wrote Marx. His words apply to...
The Staggers
30 January 2013
A model for Labour.
26 July 2012
Maurice Glasman recalls gloomy weekends in Palmers Green.
05 January 2012
On the face of it, these look like bad times for Labour and for Ed Miliband's leadership. There seems to be no strategy...
UK Politics
06 October 2011
Edmund Burke (1729-97) was right about a few things. His great book Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790) was...
UK Politics
01 August 2011
Until very recently, I would not have believed that I would share with Rupert Murdoch the need to make a public apology...
23 June 2011
The Social Animal: a Story of How Success Happens David BrooksShort Books, 448pp, £14.99There is an uncomplicated, old-...
19 August 2010
It is hard to exaggerate how unimpressive the Labour leadership contest has been so far. And how repressed. The...