Matthew Taylor became Chief Executive of the RSA in November 2006. Prior to this appointment, he was Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to the Prime Minister.

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The Staggers
10 March 2015
From poor doors to private schools.
13 September 2012
Even during a double dip recession, in international and historical terms, Britain in 2012 is a rich country with...
UK Politics
21 June 2010
The Royal Society of Arts has a new motto: 21st-century enlightenment. It pays tribute to the 18th-century founders of...
22 September 2008
Sunday was just one of those days. I was booked to chair a fringe meeting for the New Statesman at lunchtime and so got...
UK Politics
31 January 2008
Plus ça change. Just seven months on from the promise of change, change and more change, an embattled Downing Street...
03 January 2008
Progressive ideology relies on the capacity of human beings to live fulfilled lives in a just and co-operative society...
UK Politics
28 July 2003
What if the pro-euro dream had come true on 9 June, with Gordon Brown announcing that the five tests had been passed...
30 June 2003
Michael Meacher's admission that he had grave misgivings about GM technology when environment minister is hardly a...
05 May 2003
As always, the Chancellor needed a rabbit to pull from his hat on Budget day. This year it was the Child Trust Fund....
09 December 2002
When I was a child, I used to hide behind the settee when the Daleks appeared on Doctor Who. Every so often as an adult...
15 July 2002
To bring together Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Blunkett and Alistair Darling to introduce a consultation document...
25 September 2000
If Tony Blair is looking for a symbolic photocall next week he will surely choose the roller-coaster at the end of...
28 February 2000
I should start by admitting to a strange hobby. Where other people collect stamps, coins or cigarette cards, I hoard...
15 January 1999
Welcome to the evaluative state. Shortly before Christmas a white paper set out targets that must be met, both by...