13 February 2014
A story of real-life characters.
25 November 2002
Helon Habila's Love Poems, the opening tale in Waiting for an Angel (Penguin Books, £12.99), won the 2001 Caine Prize...
16 September 2002
The Necropolis Railway by Andrew Martin (Faber, £10.99) is set in 1903, and follows the fortunes of Jim Stringer, a...
26 August 2002
Rogue Male was first published in 1939, when men were men and the British stiff upper lip really counted for something...
16 July 2001
Much of this very funny book revolves around the clarinettist Daniel Swallow's attempts to reconcile himself with his...
09 April 2001
Ross, the palaeontologist character from Friends with hair like an oil slick, would like this book. It portrays the...
05 February 2001
In Greek mythology, the Hesperides tree, or Tree of Life, bore the golden apples that Heracles had to obtain as his...
04 September 2000
How must it feel to know that your mind is working nicely, but that your limbs won't respond to the messages your brain...