Martin O’Neill is a political philosopher, based at the Centre for Political Theory in the Department of Politics at the University of Manchester. He has previously taught at Cambridge and Harvard, and is writing a book on Corporations and Social Justice.

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Human Rights
05 November 2007
On 22 July 2005, Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes had seven bullets pumped into his brain by a plain-...
UK Politics
29 October 2007
Democracy is a rather unusual political value - everyone seems to be in favour of it. Just think of the regimes that...
UK Politics
22 October 2007
CAESAR: "Let me have men about me that are fat;Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o' nights:Yond Cassius has a lean and...
UK Politics
16 October 2007
Contrary to what most people seem to believe, it’s a very good thing that politicians don’t always say what they really...
08 October 2007
In a letter to his friend Jean-Baptiste Leroy in 1789, Benjamin Franklin famously opined that “in the world nothing can...
11 July 2005
During a long career, Brian Barry has been a distinguished contributor to the arguments about equality and social...