Martha Gill writes the weekly Irrational Animals column. You can follow her on Twitter here: @Martha_Gill.

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Business blog
18 September 2012
UPDATE: and where are they?
Business blog
17 September 2012
The UK has just voted against an EU-wide quota.
13 September 2012
The problem with nudges.
Business blog
12 September 2012
A puzzle.
Martha Gill
06 September 2012
Only Mitchell and Webb's "bad vicar" can save them
Cultural Capital
31 August 2012
First post of the series.
Martha Gill
29 August 2012
Something’s happened to presidential campaign slogans. Something affirmative. Motivational. Inspiring. Yes! They...
Business blog
22 August 2012
Virgin tries to do grass-roots protest, fails.
Business blog
13 August 2012
They look miserable enough as it is
12 August 2012
Five things you didn't know about Romney's running mate.
The Staggers
12 August 2012
Cameron fails to jump on the Olympic bandwagon.
Star Spangled Staggers
11 August 2012
A fan of Ayn Rand, for starters.
Business blog
08 August 2012
Still possible that the New York DFS allegations are untrue.
Business blog
08 August 2012
At one point in Ben Ainslie’s first heat he dropped to 11th place. As other boats sped past him, the on-board...
Martha Gill
01 August 2012
Shuttlecocks at dawn