Martha Gill writes the weekly Irrational Animals column. You can follow her on Twitter here: @Martha_Gill.

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Martha Gill
30 January 2014
Go and look at some grass.
Martha Gill
09 December 2013
It's time we stopped basing important decisions on them.
19 November 2013
It's a terrifying thought, but phrenology could be making a comeback.
Martha Gill
13 November 2013
Surprising new research.
Martha Gill
04 November 2013
One computer model seems to have the answer.
The Staggers
13 September 2013
Dear Sir/Madam, I was excited to learn that Nadine Dorries employs her daughter on a salary of £30,000 to...
The Staggers
25 August 2013
An impression of "toxic disunity".
Martha Gill
18 July 2013
The government can't claim this as their victory.
Martha Gill
02 July 2013
If the Tories had their way, every day would be Valentine's Day.
Martha Gill
27 June 2013
The welfare cuts set out in the Spending Review have been greeted with more than a little cynicism. The twisted stats...
Martha Gill
20 June 2013
Clegg's Lawson/Saatchi comments have been wilfully misinterpreted.
Martha Gill
13 June 2013
Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.
Cultural Capital
07 May 2013
What is the point of it all, it seems to ask. Why was this even made?