29 November 2010
There was a moment when it seemed that happiness might change British politics. Under Tony Blair, in 2002, the Prime...
28 October 2010
This is a confused book because it is trying to do several things at once. It is partly a study of animal empathy, the...
06 September 2010
Scientific study
31 July 2008
The most famous statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian shows him in Greek robes. He wears the beard of a sage. He looks...
UK Politics
13 March 2008
The soundbite is routinely derided today. "He was the future once!" "A sub-prime deal from a sub-prime minister." "All...
25 October 2007
Everyone has them. "I didn't know what to say!" Times when you are silenced - overwhelmed with embarrassment,...
09 April 2007
Muslim veils, Christian crosses, God delusions, reason's triumph. Here is a plea for a different voice in this...
10 January 2005
Jesus was not the first to believe that God and money vie for people's affections; the idea had been around for...
18 August 2003
The liberals are hitting back. Last week, 400 grass-roots members of the Church of England gathered at St Mary's Church...
05 February 2001
In "The Genius of Rome 1592-1623", the current exhibition at London's Royal Academy, Caravaggio steals the show. His...