02 September 2014
What law, if any, has been broken?
The Staggers
25 February 2014
Any minority government would soon collapse.
The Staggers
22 May 2013
I've just finished reading Andrew Adonis’s 5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond and it has given me food...
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29 March 2013
Hung parliaments are the future.
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12 February 2013
Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has sounded the bugle for UKIP to withdraw their candidate in Eastleigh. He wants...
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14 December 2012
Here's why he's wrong.
26 November 2012
The British constitution is a curious beast. It can lie slumbering for many years and then suddenly change quite...
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19 November 2012
There is some confusion about exactly what the government's draft bill on prisoner voting will contain on...
01 January 2005
We've just moved, and a couple of weeks ago, one of my children found a letter in an old book in a cardboard box. It's...
02 April 1999
In TV you never know what's going to come back and bite you. I was controller of BBC2 for two and a half years. I spent...