21 April 2010
Deep in the Buckinghamshire countryside something is stirring. Even before the General Election campaign begins,...
UK Politics
04 March 2010
Derek Simpson
UK Politics
06 November 2008
His final interview
25 September 2008
"When you go to meet Lech Walesa, there are two things you will need to know," explained Chris, my Polish fixer. "First...
International Politics
15 September 2008
Reports of the death of the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il may be exaggerated. His failure to attend the sixtieth anniversary...
UK Politics
05 June 2008
Four weeks and counting. Or rather, not counting very much at all, as the Labour Party has run out of money. It has a...
International Politics
17 January 2008
Even before the Bush presidency ends, a consensus has emerged - on both sides of the Atlantic - that a combination of...
26 July 2007
Astonishingly, General Ri Chan-bok, North Korean commander of border forces at the heavily fortified Panmunjom...
13 February 2006
It flashed briefly on the world's radar screens 20-odd years ago as a staging post in Margaret Thatcher's effort to...
13 June 2005
When Chairman Mao was asked how the French revolution had affected the course of history, he is reported to have...
21 February 2005
The hugely expensive, new, full-colour printing presses are being installed. The dummy issues have been shown to a...
World Affairs
24 January 2005
Proof that Messrs Bush and Blair have opened a veritable Pandora's box in Iraq came with the news on 17 January that...
30 August 2004
As usual, the poor old, neutered Labour Party was the last to hear of Tony Blair's wheeze of inviting the appointed...
02 August 2004
Having spent the best part of a decade slating Tony Blair and his vacuous creation, new Labour, for taking the politics...
19 July 2004
Quite why I had been asked to go and have a chat with Tony Blair in Downing Street two or three years ago, I do not...