Mark Lynas has is an environmental activist and a climate change specialist. His books on the subject include High Tide: News from a warming world and Six Degree: Our future on a hotter planet.

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16 February 2012
Watermelons: How Environmentalists Are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children's...
17 March 2011
Why we need nuclear
19 April 2010
It is quite difficult for someone who spends his life pontificating to try to do something practical for a change. But...
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09 April 2010
In his response to my column on the Liberal Democrats' policy on nuclear power, the party's environment spokesman,...
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26 March 2010
Time to go nuclear
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12 March 2010
Shed a tear for the carbon traders. At a Point Carbon trading conference in Amsterdam earlier this month, the air of...
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26 February 2010
The deniers are winning
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12 February 2010
Who would be a climate scientist? You spend your life locked in a lab doing obscure statistical analyses of tree rings...
28 January 2010
If, as I think almost certain to be the case, the environmental movement made a grave mistake in opposing nuclear power...
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14 January 2010
The Copenhagen Accord is a month old, but its future -- and origin -- is still being furiously debated. The...
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23 December 2009
What China did
10 December 2009
Some good news at last.Nick Griffin is a climate-change denier, and will be representing the European Parliament in...
26 November 2009
The US lets us down
12 November 2009
Forget "green growth". Judging by the hard numbers, only two economic factors produce reliably good...
29 October 2009
What is the point of the EU? Its original mandate, rising from the ashes of the Second World War, was to stop European...