05 June 2014
Can politicians win back our trust?
28 February 2014
Why Ukip is like the old SDP.
17 January 2013
On 26 August 2012, 36 people were killed when a methanol tanker crashed into a bus in the city of Yan’an,...
22 November 2012
Binyamin Netanyahu is determined to show the rest of the world that, Arab spring or no Arab spring, Israel can and will...
01 November 2012
The Obamians: the Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power James Mann Viking, 416pp, $26.95...
International Politics
29 August 2012
All break-ups are tough. But the divorces we have learned to fear the most are protracted, conflict-prone and...
27 June 2012
Mehdi Hasan’s article in last week’s New Statesman made headlines across the German media – but for...
02 May 2012
Three visions of US decline.
International Politics
31 October 2011
Europe's Franco-German motor, which many thought had been consigned to the dustbin of history, has returned in the...
24 March 2011
Zero-Sum World Gideon RachmanAtlantic Books, 336pp, £20The Unfinished Global Revolution Mark Malloch BrownAllen Lane,...
04 December 2008
As I fly into Tbilisi, memories flood back from my first visit to Georgia in 2005. I remember the infectious energy of...
06 June 2005
The gleeful obituaries are piling up, not just for the EU constitution, but for the country that torpedoed it. France...
UK Politics
13 September 2004
Each man kills the thing he loves - and so it could be with Tony Blair and Europe. The truth is that he could now...
16 June 2003
Until the late 1990s, the European Union was aspirational. Asians, South Americans, Africans and even North Americans...