Cultural Capital
08 May 2014
More than just a ripping yarn.
17 January 2013
Something Like Happy John Burnside Jonathan Cape, 256pp, £16.99 “It’s hard work, being happy,...
04 October 2012
The Casual Vacancy J K Rowling Little, Brown, 512pp, £20 J K Rowling, in the long run-up to the...
08 August 2011
The Artist of Disappearance Anita DesaiChatto & Windus, 176pp, £12.99The three novellas in Anita Desai's new...
11 July 2011
A tale of temptation, disappointment and breaking free, written exclusively for the New Statesman. "Perpetuity...
29 December 2010
The voyage to the Isles of the Blessed seemed doomed. It had been conceived as a brave attempt to escape the rigours...
29 December 2010
1. I'd like the Milibands to become once more the best of brothers, remember the good old days at Haverstock Comp and...
21 June 2010
My favourite line by Jane Austen occurs in the second chapter of Pride and Prejudice, where Kitty, the unfortunate...
18 January 2010
"The uglier, older, meaner, iller, poorer I get, the more I wish to avenge myself by doing brilliant colour, well...
03 September 2009
Margaret Drabble
18 September 2006
When he was eight, Andrew Motion appeared in a Christmas play at his punitive prep school. It was written by a mistress...
12 June 2006
Writers are good at self-abuse and schadenfreude. Last year the poet Robin Robertson assembled an anthology called...
17 April 2006
When at a loss, make a list. This was Jane Smiley's response to a crisis of faith in her own fiction, provoked by...
08 August 2005
I always spend August in Somerset, and never has it felt better to be out of London. The capital in July was no...