Marcus Katz is an MA student of Western Esotericism at Exeter University. He is a teacher of Witchcraft, Tarot and Ritual Magick in the Lake District at the Far Away Centre

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16 August 2007
The growth in the practice of Witchcraft has been substantial, since the 1950’s when the last Witchcraft Act of 1735...
15 August 2007
The father of Witchcraft is widely acknowledged as Gerald Gardner (1884-1964), who in 1954 published Witchcraft Today,...
14 August 2007
Following our initiation into Witchcraft yesterday, we are nowadays in the fortunate position of having a variety of...
13 August 2007
It is 1982. Somewhere in a quiet suburban house in the middle of England, a circle has been drawn on the floor to mark...