Marc Stears is fellow in politics, University College, Oxford and visiting fellow at IPPR.

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The Staggers
19 June 2012
The aspiration to home ownership, once seen as part of British national identity itself, is in trouble.  Recent...
The Staggers
05 January 2012
We live in perplexing political times. Ed Miliband delivers a conference speech praising the best of British business...
The Staggers
20 October 2011
Almost everyone is suddenly talking about the culture of capitalism. It is not just those camped out at St Paul's who...
The Staggers
06 October 2011
Generating responsibility in society, from top to bottom; crafting a something-for-something culture; battling vested...
The Staggers
02 October 2011
Two events defined this summer's politics. The shocking revelations of phone hacking at News International and the...
13 January 2011
Barack Obama has aroused a wider range of emotions than any other figure in the recent history of the United States of...