Lindsey Hilsum is China Correspondent for Channel 4 News. She has previously reported extensively from Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and Latin America.

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18 September 2014
How will government regain trust?
International Politics
18 December 2008
Mexico Miguel doesn't sleep well these days. It's not his conscience - in his view, it was quite reasonable to kill the...
Human Rights
25 September 2008
This will be my last Letter from China; after two years, I am returning to London. The stories I have covered - from...
Human Rights
21 August 2008
Journalists make poor prophets, but I think I'm on safe ground here: early next week the Chinese government will...
World Affairs
07 August 2008
As Beijing prepared for the Olympics, I set off for Rongwu, in the Chinese province of Qinghai, where last spring's...
World Affairs
31 July 2008
Gasping and grimacing, Sun Yining struggled to lift the iron bar above her head. At 12, she is a head and a half taller...
Human Rights
10 July 2008
The management office for my apartment complex rang this week to tell me which police station I should report to when I...
World Affairs
26 June 2008
Earlier this year, passing through Dubai Airport on my way from China to Africa, I contemplated the giant terminal's...
World Affairs
12 June 2008
Normal service has been resumed. After a month of unprecedented openness, the Chinese authorities are censoring the...
International Politics
22 May 2008
As thousands of Chinese fled their ruined villages in Sichuan this past week, the roads were jammed with cars going in...
Human Rights
01 May 2008
In the central square, under the gaze of a giant statue of Mao and a grateful peasant, a hundred young people in...
UK Politics
17 April 2008
The sleek lines, swooping architecture and huge scale of the new airport terminal are breathtaking. When we landed, a...
Human Rights
03 April 2008
Everyone says this is a period of profound historic change in China. I've said so myself, pointing to huge economic...
International Politics
19 March 2008
Things are not going as planned. The emblematic images of China in 2008 were supposed to be the magnificent "Bird's...