Liam Byrne is shadow work and pensions secretary and Labour MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill.

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The Staggers
30 September 2013
The Tories have not had a good week. Our energy freeze will save consumers £120 and businesses £1,800....
The Staggers
24 June 2013
I normally enjoy a good Fraser Nelson column. But last Friday’s, which argued the Tories are the party for...
The Staggers
18 May 2013
In the pages of this week’s New Statesman the ever excellent Ian Mulheirn takes a look at this government’s...
The Staggers
15 February 2013
When Iain Duncan Smith starting visiting to Easterhouse and steered the new Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) towards a...
The Staggers
02 January 2013
Duncan Smith's myths.
The Staggers
08 November 2012
Whatever explains the recent fall in unemployment, one thing became clear yesterday. It’s nothing to do with the...
The Staggers
20 September 2012
The DWP select committee has given its verdict on the government’s much-heralded Youth Contract. And it’s...
The Staggers
24 March 2010
The Chancellor's Budget message is clear: we are optimists about Britain's future. We believe that Britain can win in...
UK Politics
11 September 2008
Caring for children within our detention estate is a hugely emotive issue, and this is a crucial debate that I am glad...