Leora Lightwoman read psychology at Oxford University, then trained as a yoga teacher and bodyworker. She has been a Tantra practitioner since 1993. In 2001 she formed her own school, Diamond Light Tantra. This is a pragmatic and eclectic approach to sexual, emotional and spiritual healing.

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11 October 2007
For the main part, what is advertised as “Tantra” today is in fact “neo-Tantra”, modern syntheses of one or more...
10 October 2007
Tantra is not a religion, although Tantric symbology and practices have emerged throughout history in all religions and...
09 October 2007
There is a fundamental difference between directly experiencing sensuality and seeking it. Tantra is not hedonism,...
08 October 2007
The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit roots “tanoti” meaning “to expand” and “trayati” meaning “liberation”. Through...