Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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Laurie Penny
14 January 2012
Dissects New Girl
09 January 2012
She was 15, maybe 16, and she wore a black top hat and eyeliner for her big trip from Sticksville, Wiltshire, to...
Laurie Penny
06 January 2012
The privileged will do anything to distract attention from their own power. Racism, as the British National Party and...
Laurie Penny
03 January 2012
The government's new youth strategy is nothing but spin.{C} It is some testament to the awfulness of Christmas...
Laurie Penny
28 December 2011
On 'Panda-gate'
Laurie Penny
13 December 2011
"Whose tweets? Our tweets!" Sometimes, only puns will do. The Brookfield Winter Garden is the sort of...
International Politics
12 December 2011
"You're from Britain? You want to watch out," says the man with the Newt 2012 sticker plastered across his...
11 December 2011
The one per cent punish us for wanting what they say we can't have.{C} There's such a thing as riot ennui....
Laurie Penny
07 December 2011
The abuse of children within the home is something that society has yet to tackle adequately. It has to be a bad day...
Laurie Penny
05 December 2011
A different Tea Party
Laurie Penny
25 November 2011
Discount shoppers are not the 1% - and activists must remind them that another world is possible. It's 1am on a...
Laurie Penny
23 November 2011
Occupy the media
International Politics
20 November 2011
  Work and pleasure having sent me to the US for a while, I spent last week stocking up on all the essentials of...
Laurie Penny
17 November 2011
NYPD abuse