Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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International Politics
12 December 2011
"You're from Britain? You want to watch out," says the man with the Newt 2012 sticker plastered across his...
11 December 2011
The one per cent punish us for wanting what they say we can't have.{C} There's such a thing as riot ennui....
Laurie Penny
07 December 2011
The abuse of children within the home is something that society has yet to tackle adequately. It has to be a bad day...
Laurie Penny
05 December 2011
A different Tea Party
Laurie Penny
25 November 2011
Discount shoppers are not the 1% - and activists must remind them that another world is possible. It's 1am on a...
Laurie Penny
23 November 2011
Occupy the media
International Politics
20 November 2011
  Work and pleasure having sent me to the US for a while, I spent last week stocking up on all the essentials of...
Laurie Penny
17 November 2011
NYPD abuse
Laurie Penny
09 November 2011
Security firm's email also identifies location of possible kettle.{C} Two hours ago, I was passed this email via a...
UK Politics
06 November 2011
In our storybook world, royalty open hospitals with their shiny-haired brides, rather than stomping in muddy...
Laurie Penny
02 November 2011
Moves to outlaw squatting in empty houses should be an outrage on the left. The police called some of them "scum...
Laurie Penny
29 October 2011
My speech in a debate on inter-generational conflict, attacking team mate David Willetts. We lost. Ladies, gentleman...
Laurie Penny
28 October 2011
  This time last year, a friendly handbook on what to do in case of riot or revolution would have been a joke,...
Laurie Penny
22 October 2011
Can fashion be feminist? This week, the Guardian told me to turn up at their offices with my rucksack and talk to a...