Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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15 November 2013
Destroying evidence of their deceit.
Laurie Penny
07 November 2013
Terrorists, mediocrity and metadata.
Laurie Penny
02 November 2013
A discourse on brocialism.
UK Politics
24 October 2013
As wages stagnate, rents continue to rise.
Laurie Penny
23 October 2013
Would you put a camera in your daughter’s bedroom?
Laurie Penny
11 October 2013
Young women's only power.
Laurie Penny
07 October 2013
Misleading and prejudiced.
Laurie Penny
17 September 2013
Welfare without compassion or principle.
Laurie Penny
30 August 2013
This isn't about Syria.
Laurie Penny
28 August 2013
A brief moment of British pride that quickly faded
Laurie Penny
12 August 2013
A culture of pointless debates.