Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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Laurie Penny
04 July 2010
A cultural crash
Laurie Penny
01 July 2010
Laurie Penny: Digital Politics - Replacing 'unnecessary laws'
Laurie Penny
29 June 2010
Tory war on women
Laurie Penny
25 June 2010
Osborne may have smacked us in the face, but Harman, Darling and co stabbed us in the back. Panto season came early...
Laurie Penny
18 June 2010
Time to build an ideological case for abortion on demand. When will women be allowed to stop apologising for having...
Laurie Penny
16 June 2010
This, my dears, is why feminism is still important. In a poll assessing "What takes priority in your life?...
Laurie Penny
14 June 2010
John Gray’s article names not a single woman writer, nor any writer of colour. Science fiction is pertinent, and...
Laurie Penny
12 June 2010
We need the courage to see all of our personal battlegrounds as part of a sustained and coherent movement. Not every...
Laurie Penny
11 June 2010
Who cares about a bunch of misogynist jocks tossing a ball around?
10 June 2010
Laurie Penny manoeuvres through a scenario that lets women strike back. Hey Baby LadyKillas Inc At first click, Hey...
Laurie Penny
07 June 2010
Let’s be clear: this video game is neither an incitement to real-world crime nor a manifesto for lasting social...
Laurie Penny
03 June 2010
There is nothing edgy or iconoclastic about violence against women.
Laurie Penny
01 June 2010
By inviting Niall Ferguson to revise the history curriculum, the Tories reveal their nostalgia for imperialism.
Laurie Penny
29 May 2010
It is patriarchy rather than religion that oppresses women across the world.