Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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UK Politics
17 January 2011
The divorce tax
13 January 2011
Aspiration dies
Laurie Penny
11 January 2011
On anorexia chic
Laurie Penny
08 January 2011
Gender inequality
Laurie Penny
02 January 2011
The illusion of choice. It's January and the sales are on but austerity isn't selling as well as the coalition...
Laurie Penny
31 December 2010
  New year custom requires us to repent our seasonal overconsumption and embark on a round of dieting and...
29 December 2010
From this point forth, I will only snog men who own at least two pairs of shoes, and who have not lived for more than...
Laurie Penny
27 December 2010
Protest and change
Laurie Penny
22 December 2010
Strictly Come statecraft
Laurie Penny
20 December 2010
Twitter revolution
Laurie Penny
16 December 2010
On Jody McIntyre
Laurie Penny
10 December 2010
Inside the kettle
Laurie Penny
09 December 2010
If global justice movements had to rely solely on people of impeccable character to further their cause, we would...
Laurie Penny
07 December 2010
On the Turner Prize
Laurie Penny
04 December 2010
Aaron Porter is "incable of providing leadership". The president of the National Union of Students has...