Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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Laurie Penny
10 April 2011
British universities now see themselves as companies, and students are the losers. Anyone who believes that knowledge...
07 April 2011
The entire premise of social mobility rests on the blithe acceptance of social inequality. If you want to slip an...
UK Politics
03 April 2011
A new attack
27 March 2011
Neither mindless nor violent, young protesters were forced into a stand-off with police. "We're fucked,...
26 March 2011
  The backlash is on. With counter-propaganda pouring in about today's demonstration, I''m crouched...
Laurie Penny
25 March 2011
It's hard to see someone's humanity through a riot visor. When Robert Peel established the Metropolitan Police...
Laurie Penny
20 March 2011
What I learned at the porn industry's annual awards ceremony.{C} "If a girl wants to get into the porn...
Laurie Penny
15 March 2011
The Saif house
Laurie Penny
13 March 2011
On Charlie Sheen
Laurie Penny
12 March 2011
At what point did the denial of compassion become a morally righteous act? When homeless people are criminalised...
Laurie Penny
08 March 2011
Speak it aloud, let it ooze over your tongue: how bitter does it taste? Right now, thousands of Egyptian women who...
Laurie Penny
04 March 2011
The problem with racism and sexism in fashion goes far beyond one slurring fantasist. The fashion industry is a...
Laurie Penny
03 March 2011
The English royal family is a devious dynasty. Over centuries of bloodletting, back-stabbing and intermarriage, the...
26 February 2011
  The greatest conspiracies happen in plain sight. Today, across the Northern Hemisphere, activists from the...