Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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UK Politics
05 September 2011
Tired, hot and frustrated -- they've been drinking since breakfast.{C} Tweet A drunk woman in a bright yellow...
Laurie Penny
29 August 2011
Anti-choice threat
Laurie Penny
27 August 2011
  Catherine Hakim, senior research fellow at the London School of Economics and staunch anti-feminist, is my new...
Laurie Penny
22 August 2011
Jonnie Marbles
UK Politics
11 August 2011
What the riots mean
Laurie Penny
05 August 2011
  Last weekend, some friends and I took a trip to the seaside. We ate ice-cream on the beach in the brilliant sun...
Laurie Penny
28 July 2011
On Amy Winehouse
Laurie Penny
27 July 2011
  The world is going wild for lady bankers. For the first time, a woman, Christine Lagarde, is in charge of the...
Laurie Penny
16 July 2011
If the British justice system is truly designed to punish people for being utter prats, we all know one or two people...
Laurie Penny
14 July 2011
Dorries's propaganda reveals ugly truths about the coalition's version of "choice". On the Guardian...
Laurie Penny
11 July 2011
Question Time
08 July 2011
The Murdoch red-tops are not moral arbiters, they are brutal mercenary machines. For years, the Murdoch press has...
Laurie Penny
04 July 2011
Today, as the testimony of the room attendant who says that the former chief of the IMF tried to rape her is trashed...
Laurie Penny
03 July 2011
  Is Facebook turning girls into strumpets? That's the thrust of the latest moral panic to come out of the...
Laurie Penny
01 July 2011
  "These young people need to learn when they're fighting a losing battle." That's what the...