Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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North America
10 October 2011
On a cold, wet Sunday morning, Manhattan's financial district is full of zombies. Halloween is weeks away, but...
Laurie Penny
06 October 2011
Disaster capitalism.
Star Spangled Staggers
05 October 2011
Star Spangled Staggers
02 October 2011
Occupying Wall Street.
Laurie Penny
30 September 2011
Two-faced neo-puritanism.
Laurie Penny
24 September 2011
Paranoid indifference.
Laurie Penny
05 September 2011
Whose streets?
Laurie Penny
11 August 2011
What the riots mean
05 August 2011
A £3.65m operation.