Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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Laurie Penny
29 October 2011
My speech in a debate on inter-generational conflict, attacking team mate David Willetts. We lost. Ladies, gentleman...
Laurie Penny
28 October 2011
  This time last year, a friendly handbook on what to do in case of riot or revolution would have been a joke,...
Laurie Penny
22 October 2011
Can fashion be feminist? This week, the Guardian told me to turn up at their offices with my rucksack and talk to a...
21 October 2011
  They say that if you want to understand a revolution, you have to listen to its music. Over the past year, as...
Laurie Penny
16 October 2011
Protest by consensus
Laurie Penny
15 October 2011
Pornography is often used as an excuse to enact a wider scale clampdown. Those who seek to win easy votes by...
10 October 2011
On a cold, wet Sunday morning, Manhattan's financial district is full of zombies. Halloween is weeks away, but members...
Laurie Penny
06 October 2011
We are old enough and ugly enough to build a better future for ourselves. It happens without warning. At some point...
Laurie Penny
05 October 2011
My appearance on Democracy Now!  
02 October 2011
Occupying Wall Street
Laurie Penny
30 September 2011
So, Rihanna. She's a slag, isn't she? Such, at least, is the verdict of the tabloid press, who have once again...
24 September 2011
We can choose abject complicity, or we can decide that it's not too late to build a better world.{C} There's...
Laurie Penny
22 September 2011
On gendercide
Laurie Penny
15 September 2011
The idea that everyone has a soulmate whom they are destined to love for ever is both implausible and cruel. I've...
Laurie Penny
06 September 2011
On 9/11