Kingsley Martin (1897-1969) was editor of the New Statesman from 1930 to 1960.

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10 May 2013
I went to see Trotsky in the house that Diego Rivera and his wife have lent him in an outlying suburb of Mexico City....
The Old Statesman
02 April 2013
From the archive.
30 November 2012
Kingsley Martin’s obituary.
International Politics
28 August 2008
The New Statesman and Nation 27 August 1938 The situation in Central Europe grows worse and the gravest fears are now...
23 August 2007
Taken from The New Statesman 7 February 1948 The editor of the New Statesman, Kingsley Martin, was visiting newly...
12 March 2007
It was the first sub-Saharan African country to leave the British empire as a "wind of change" swept through the...
International Politics
29 January 2007
Taken from the New Statesman and Nation archive, 10 April 1937 Like so many on the intellectual left in the 1930s, the...
UK Politics
27 March 2006
Looking back from the unfair advantage of the future, the historian of England is likely to regard 1937 as significant...
International Politics
23 January 2006
The Labour party's pronouncement on Nuclear Arms has been denounced as 'hypocrisy' and brushed aside as a 'non-starter...