Ken Livingstone is the former Mayor of London.

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The Staggers
08 November 2011
On fair rises
07 September 2011
I was told about the events in New York at a meeting in my office at the temporary headquarters for the Greater London...
UK Politics
15 August 2011
The first priority of any London mayor faced with the riots that started in Tottenham after the fatal shooting by...
The Staggers
18 February 2011
In the run-up to the general election, Labour made headway when the Tories were forced on to the ground of cuts and the...
The Staggers
29 July 2010
Of all the things conceived and delivered by the London Labour movement, it is the work to implement the Freedom Pass...
UK Politics
25 February 2010
The mayor of London's new and greater powers over housing should provide a springboard for radical advance, both for...
UK Politics
17 September 2009
Philip SindenThe two greatest challenges for every country in the world today are the global economic crisis and the...
17 September 2009
This one-off New Statesman guest edit tries to deal with some of the most important issues in the world today - from...
17 September 2009
From the archive.
World Affairs
17 September 2009
An interview with Ken Livingstone.
UK Politics
25 June 2009
Boris's shambolic administration
International Politics
21 May 2009
UK Politics
30 April 2008
For many Londoners, the mayoral election appears as a choice between my record of delivering for London and Boris...
UK Politics
31 January 2008
Martin Bright, the political editor of the New Statesman, has argued in this magazine that I am unfit for office. And...