Kathy Van Buskirk is a Cherokee from Oklahoma, USA. She has been married for 25 years to Perry. They have two children, Christopher 25 and Melissa 10. She has worked at the Cherokee Heritage Center for 20 years.

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North America
05 April 2007
Growing up as Cherokee children we didn’t know that we were different from any other person. Although we did not have...
Music and Performance
04 April 2007
The Cherokee’s are very religious people. Before European contact we were religious in knowing we had a creator, and...
North America
03 April 2007
I would like to share some spiritual things that have happened in my life. Being of the Cherokee tribe and also a...
North America
02 April 2007
I am a full blood Cherokee woman and that is a very special thing to me. In my own way, I feel like I know a lot of the...