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Music and Performance
05 September 2012
Tempest Bob Dylan Columbia, £8.99 Dylan fans have invented some amusing parlour games. One is “Guess...
15 August 2012
Sunk by a suit.
26 July 2012
The best songs about the capital.
18 July 2012
The first rule for writers – apply seat of pants to chair – works for musicians, too. Thirty years ago...
Music and Performance
02 May 2012
Great pretenders make real artists.
29 March 2012
How Soon Is Now? The Madmen and Mavericks Who Made Independent Music (1975-2005) Richard King Faber & Faber,...
06 March 2012
Yearning for youth does Madonna no favours. She has a stock answer for it now. American news anchor Cynthia McFadden...
Music and Performance
20 February 2012
Sonik KicksPaul Weller; Universal/Island RecordWhen rock stars of a certain age work hard to maintain the physical...
23 January 2012
Two guys on a streetcar in 1940: "Say, have you heard about that horn player Louis Armstrong? He's so authentic!...