Kate Mossman is the New Statesman's arts editor and pop critic.

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Kate Mossman on pop
03 January 2013
What to listen out for this year.
13 December 2012
Bish Bosch - review.
Kate Mossman on pop
06 December 2012
Savages, Haim and Bjork in a circus tent.
Kate Mossman on pop
29 November 2012
Step back in time.
Kate Mossman on pop
28 November 2012
My secret affair.
Kate Mossman on pop
14 November 2012
Thriller, 30 years on.
01 November 2012
Gonwards Ape House Records A couple of years ago an email went round telling you how to write your own blues in ten...
Cultural Capital
25 October 2012
Peter Gabriel says he was advised to do the iconic black and white cover for So because “my usual obscure LP...
Cultural Capital
19 October 2012
The new Green Day musical reminds me of the bit in Naked Gun 33 1/3 where they’re reading out the Oscar...
11 October 2012
New biography reviewed.
Cultural Capital
04 October 2012
A man in a pub recently told me that Tori Amos is every bit as good as Kate Bush, but people can’t see it...
27 September 2012
Matt Thorne's biography of Prince reviewed.
20 September 2012
Kate Mossman on The xx's new album.
Music and Performance
05 September 2012
Tempest Bob Dylan Columbia, £8.99 Dylan fans have invented some amusing parlour games. One is “Guess...
15 August 2012
Sunk by a suit.