27 June 2012
Human rights must be protected.
International Politics
18 June 2009
Every two or three days we get the doleful news of a young soldier killed in Helmand, but other than that, Afghanistan...
International Politics
20 March 2009
To be woken in the middle of the night and given minutes to gather basic essentials before your home is bulldozed is...
International Politics
12 February 2009
One of the big criticisms made of “feminists” is that we have no sense of humour. The Valentines day “pink chaddi”...
International Politics
10 December 2008
Through the alchemy of distortion and untruth, some commentators would have us believe that “human rights” are the...
Human Rights
15 October 2008
It was around this time last year that Britain’s red carpet was rolled out for the high-pomp state visit of King...