Juliet Jacques is a freelance journalist and writer who covers gender, sexuality, literature, film, art and football. Her writing can be found on her blog at and she can be contacted on Twitter @julietjacques.

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Juliet Jacques
05 September 2013
It has been a year of fraught relations between trans people and the British press, with Julie Burchill’s shabby...
Juliet Jacques
09 August 2013
Returning to Alter Ego.
Juliet Jacques
15 July 2013
A tribute to a dying breed, and the narratives around him.
Juliet Jacques
09 July 2013
Juliet Jacques on Deborah Levy's new essay.
Cultural Capital
17 June 2013
Asunder by Chloe Aridjis.
Juliet Jacques
03 June 2013
One of Britain’s best silent films.
Juliet Jacques
29 May 2013
The changing meaning of a seminal work of performance art.
Juliet Jacques
16 May 2013
McKenzie Wark’s new book, The Spectacle of Disintegration, picks up where his last, The Beach Beneath the Street...
Juliet Jacques
25 March 2013
Some thoughts on their relationship in 2013.
Juliet Jacques
18 March 2013
Neil McKenna’s book revisits one of Victorian Britain’s most explosive trials.
Juliet Jacques
12 March 2013
An innovative "memoir" reassesses the place of women in modern literature.
Juliet Jacques
25 February 2013
The "experimental" author remembered as more than a novelist.
Juliet Jacques
04 February 2013
An interview with the cult author about Exodus, the final novel in his trilogy about philosophy and writing.
Juliet Jacques
16 January 2013
If in doubt, ask (politely).
Juliet Jacques
13 January 2013
Ten silent films you may not have seen