21 November 2013
Write like a star.
Music and Performance
26 September 2013
Too old for radio.
12 September 2013
Patience and stealth, but at subtlety's expense
24 October 2011
Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics Jarvis Cocker Viking, 368pp, £25T S Eliot, Seamus Heaney, Harold Pinter . . ....
27 June 2011
Retromania: Pop Culture's Addiction to Its Own Past Simon ReynoldsFaber & Faber, 458pp, £17.99Turn on BBC4 almost...
29 December 2010
The xx
09 August 2010
Is the well-crafted song lyric a lost art? Or can words still emerge from amid the glossy images and sounds that...
Music and Performance
09 July 2010
In the mid-1990s, something peculiar happened to the pop charts. The genre known as "indie" - guitar-based...
Cultural Capital
02 June 2010
By now, even the most gentle readers among you probably have heard of Lady Gaga, stage name of the 24-year-old New...
13 May 2010
All too often, music biographers are embroiderers of myths. Refreshingly, Rob Chapman's biography of Roger Keith...
29 March 2010
London has always been a destination for dreamers, and in the past 15 years its literature has also become starry-eyed...
Music and Performance
25 February 2010
Just Kids
Music and Performance
19 February 2010
Joanna Newsom
10 December 2009
Standing out