Jonn Elledge is the editor of the New Statesman's sister site CityMetric. He is on Twitter as @JonnElledge.

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22 October 2008
Keep it to yourself. But for all the talk of October surprises and last minute reversals, there's an outside chance...
21 October 2008
Despite what the man said, when it comes to American politics, all men are not created equal. And at this point in the...
04 July 2008
Blow up the balloons, break out the bunting: this week the NHS turns 60, and Britain is rejoicing in the miracle of...
UK Politics
09 July 2007
Imagine you're the Minister of Justice. Your government has a tough approach to crime which has won plaudits from the...
UK Politics
20 March 2007
One of the more remarkable things about this government is its unerring ability to get no credit when it does something...
24 July 2006
Lord Leitch's interim report on skills, released last December, made depressing reading. One in six adults lacks the...