Jonathan Portes is director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and former chief economist at the Cabinet Office.

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The Staggers
18 April 2015
Look this gift horse in the mouth
The Staggers
27 February 2015
In it together?
The Staggers
03 January 2015
The irony of the Tories' boast.
The Staggers
23 April 2014
The evidence suggests otherwise.
The Staggers
10 September 2013
Slower cuts have helped.
Economics blog
11 March 2013
NIESR's Jonathan Portes examines Cameron's statement of "fact".
Economics blog
16 October 2012
The IMF's reassessment of the "fiscal multiplier" has sparked off multiple reactions in the economics...
25 July 2012
Things could and should be better.
The Staggers
20 July 2012
There is a huge amount of interesting material in the full IMF staff report on the UK, released today, in particular...
The Staggers
03 February 2012
The long-term cost of high unemployment to individuals and to society is huge. Not surprisingly, NIESR's latest...
UK Politics
18 October 2011
Dear Chancellor,Your short-term priority should be to reverse what the Financial Times's Martin Wolf has accurately...
UK Politics
24 August 2011
The government has put reducing the deficit ahead of growth and jobs. Ignore the scaremongering, urges a former...