Jonathan Derbyshire is Managing Editor of Prospect. He was formerly Culture Editor of the New Statesman.

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19 February 2009
Phillip Blond is sitting in his London office. “I think mine is a genuinely radical project,” he says....
18 December 2008
In October, shortly before the Swedish Academy awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature to the French novelist Jean-...
27 November 2008
On the evening of 20 October this year a memorial service was held at Amherst College, Massachusetts, for the writer...
07 February 2008
Surveying the state of American letters in 1928, Edmund Wilson complained that he had searched in vain for a "genuine...
05 June 2006
Richard Novak, the protagonist of A M Homes's new novel, is officially retired, living in luxurious exile in the hills...
19 April 2004
Guy Vanderhaeghe returns to territory explored in his previous novel, The Englishman's Boy - the story of a boy who...