02 January 2012
Out of the Ashes: Britain After the Riots David LammyGuardian Books, 266pp, £9.99David Lammy's book is about more than...
The Staggers
10 December 2011
David Lammy's book Out of the Ashes: Britain After the Riots (Guardian Books, £9.99) is about more than the English...
15 December 2010
On Ed Miliband's journey to the good society, Jesse Norman is a fellow traveller. In previous works, he has developed a...
UK Politics
31 May 2010
Lessons for Labour
08 January 2010
How Labour betrayed the poor
18 June 2009
On the liberal republic
27 March 2009
The economic crisis is a turning point in the life of this country. For a brief period, history is in the public realm...
11 September 2008
It is time for the left to take on the New Tories. This challenge cannot be separated from the need to address the...