Jon Cruddas is Labour's policy review coordinator and MP for Dagenham

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Cultural Capital
25 June 2015
Kind of blue.
The Staggers
29 January 2015
"Love, empathy and relationships".
The Staggers
27 November 2014
Innovation and democracy.
Cultural Capital
10 July 2014
One voice, many faces.
The Staggers
25 April 2014
Responsibility and rewards.
The Staggers
06 March 2014
A whole family approach to policy making.
UK Politics
12 February 2014
Speech to the New Local Government Network Thank you Simon and to Emma for your invitation. I was looking through...
The Staggers
07 November 2013
The Choice before One Nation Labour  - to Transact or Transform. Queen Mary University...
The Staggers
19 September 2013
If you believe the press, Labour has been hobbling toward its conference. So let me put the record straight: we have...
The Staggers
10 June 2013
This is the full text of Jon Cruddas's speech today to the Local Government Association  Good afternoon....
The Staggers
14 February 2013
  Introduction   I’d like to thank Nick. This is a very exciting event and its great to be here at...
The Staggers
06 February 2013
Thanks for offering me this platform here at The Resolution Foundation.  The title of tonight’s discussion...
The Staggers
13 December 2012
This is the full text of Labour policy review head Jon Cruddas's lecture to The Centre for Social Justice. Thank...
30 September 2012
Reinventing British social justice.