Jon Bernstein, former deputy editor of New Statesman, is a digital strategist and editor. He tweets @Jon_Bernstein. 

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The Staggers
28 February 2010
When, three months ago, an Ipsos MORI poll for the Observer put the gap between the two main parties at just 6 per cent...
UK Politics
26 February 2010
Boris Johnson
The Staggers
16 February 2010
Deadly appeal
The Staggers
11 February 2010
A special issue of the New Statesman this week in which we confront conventional wisdom and argue that everything you...
The Staggers
04 February 2010
 We devote the cover of this week's New Statesman to an imagined future where David Cameron is Prime Minister....
The Staggers
28 January 2010
 In this week's issue of the New Statesman, we talk to the insiders who Tony Blair ignored in the run-up to the...
The Staggers
27 January 2010
We know the general thrust of the Conservative take on government IT projects: money-sapping failure.It's a position...
The Staggers
25 January 2010
The photographer responsible for the striking Afghanistan cover this week is Lucian Read. We dropped him a quick line...
The Staggers
21 January 2010
 In this week's issue of the New Statesman, we look ahead to the London summit on Afghanistan and explain why the...
The Staggers
20 January 2010
According to page 11 of this morning's print edition of the Guardian, the Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, will today eschew...
The Staggers
16 January 2010
A packed lecture theatre, an esteemed panel and a single plea at this lively Fabian Conference session: "Will the...
The Staggers
07 January 2010
This week's New Statesman features three men under fire. Here at home, our political correspondent James Macintyre...
The Staggers
05 January 2010
As my colleague Samira Shackle notes elsewhere, Nick Clegg's media double-whammy this morning did little to move on the...
The Staggers
04 January 2010
Election posters are rarely targeted at the passing eyeballs on the Hammersmith Flyover. Rather, they are designed to...
The Staggers
31 December 2009
Forget tired clichés about 2010 being the year of the UK's first internet election. For many of us, that came nearly...