John Stoehr teaches writing at Yale. His essays and journalism have appeared in The American Prospect, Reuters Opinion, the Guardian, and Dissent, among other publications. He is a political blogger for The Washington Spectator and a frequent contributor to Al Jazeera English.


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International Politics
13 November 2012
Did President Barack Obama win a mandate from the American people last week? Fox News appears to think he didn't....
Star Spangled Staggers
05 November 2012
Ignore the Republican hype.
24 October 2012
Why we shouldn't forget Romney's comment.
World Affairs
05 October 2012
Most observers here are saying President Barack Obama lost the first presidential debate with Mitt Romney, and perhaps...
International Politics
02 October 2012
Can liberals vote for him?
25 September 2012
A new narrative is taking shape just over 40 days before Election Day: Mitt Romney is losing. That's expected as...
International Politics
31 July 2012
Israel remarks target fringe voters.
18 July 2012
Americans don't like whiners.
World Affairs
11 July 2012
President Barack Obama isn't a populist but he plays one on the campaign trail. Like many liberal Democrats, he...
International Politics
03 July 2012
If there was news before last Thursday, no one in the United States remembers, because all we have been talking about...
Star Spangled Staggers
20 June 2012
Journalist... or "douchebag"?
Star Spangled Staggers
14 June 2012
Libertarian hero could boost Romney.
Star Spangled Staggers
05 June 2012
Cynical Conservative attacks.
Star Spangled Staggers
30 May 2012
We say we are pro-life and then say we want abortion to be legal. We say we're mostly economically conservative but...