John Gray is the New Statesman's lead book reviewer. His latest book is "The Immortalisation Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death (Penguin, £9.99).

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International Politics
04 August 2003
Many who opposed the war in Iraq now demand that the country be placed under international administration. They believe...
14 July 2003
Chance led E O Wilson to the studies that made him one of the greatest scientific thinkers of our age. Born in 1929, he...
14 July 2003
With politicians and the media working us all into a panic about the threat of global terror, it is worth remembering...
30 June 2003
In 1942, Patricia Highsmith wrote in her diary: "The abnormal point of view is always the best for depicting 20th-...
23 June 2003
In the film The Matrix a character called Agent Smith asks: "Did you know that the First Matrix was designed to be a...
19 May 2003
A referendum on the euro is unlikely before the next election, mainly because Tony Blair, having survived a real risk...
World Affairs
21 April 2003
When Donald Rumsfeld declared that peace could be achieved only by unconditional surrender he revealed a crucial flaw...
21 April 2003
I was once taken to task by a well-known American philosopher, who, in response to a less than wholly favourable review...
UK Politics
31 March 2003
Around two hundred years ago, the great French reactionary thinker Joseph de Maistre wrote of "the profound imbecility...
10 March 2003
10 March 2003: John Gray on Iraq.
17 February 2003
A new phase in the evolution of liberal values is under way in the United States. America's most celebrated defender of...
03 February 2003
It is a common error to believe that Karl Marx is not to be blamed for the crimes and tragedies of communism....
20 January 2003
According to Javier Solana, formerly secretary general of Nato and currently the European Union's high representative...
16 December 2002
Of all the myths spawned by the Enlightenment, the idea that we live in a secular age is the most absurd. Throughout...