John Gray is the New Statesman's lead book reviewer. His latest book is "The Immortalisation Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death (Penguin, £9.99).

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10 December 2009
Decade's delusions
08 October 2009
"I am a fictionalising philosopher, not a novelist; my novel and story-writing ability is employed as a means to...
10 September 2009
Age of ecocide
18 June 2009
On his first visit to China as US treasury secretary, at the start of this month, Timothy Geithner attempted to...
23 April 2009
Meltdown: the End of the Age of GreedPaul MasonVerso, 208pp, £7.99 One of the more entertaining ironies of the global...
23 April 2009
When I first met J G Ballard, not long after reviewing Iain Sinclair’s book Crash: David Cronenberg’s Post-Mortem on J...
16 April 2009
There is a story about an aged playboy who, when a conversation with a friend is interrupted by a telephone call, asks...
05 February 2009
It is more than 40 years since I first read Norman Cohn's The Pursuit of the Millennium. Published in 1957, the book...
UK Politics
20 September 2007
History imposed on David Cameron the task of persuading the electorate that Conservatives are at home in 21st-century...
07 May 2007
A late by-product of the Eighties, Tony Blair will be remembered for using his party as a vehicle for an outdated...
Human Rights
23 April 2007
The first of the essays and speeches that are collected in At the Same Time is a meditation on beauty. Written during...
12 March 2007
The Song Before It Is Sung Justin Cartwright Bloomsbury, 288pp, £16.99 ISBN 0747583412 In one of the last...