John Denham is Labour MP for Southampton Itchen and former universities secretary

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The Staggers
30 September 2014
Acknowledge legitimate concerns.
The Staggers
04 September 2013
The GMB’s decision to slash its affiliation fees to Labour – by top-down decision rather than by asking...
The Staggers
03 December 2012
In one day last week we saw the UK Independence Party (UKIP) record its best ever by-election result, a Liberal...
The Staggers
06 July 2012
The longer Tories keep underestimating Ed Miliband, the better for Labour. So I feel slightly disloyal in pointing out...
UK Politics
26 September 2011
A long summer of gloomy economic news has intensified the economists' debate about the appropriate response. This must...
22 May 2006
The security services may not have been covered in glory by the official reports on the London bombings, but we must...