25 July 2013
A game of miracles.
24 May 2013
On Heaven and Earth by Pope Francis and Abraham Skorka.
14 March 2013
The new pope's challenge.
03 April 2012
Catholics cannot afford to be complacent.
12 February 2012
God's Jury: the Inquisition and the Making of the Modern WorldCullen MurphyAllen Lane, 320pp, £25Several years ago, a...
20 September 2010
The clerical abuse scandal has plunged the Catholic Church into a crisis unlike anything it has experienced since the...
01 April 2010
Abuse scandal
World Affairs
12 February 2009
Pope John Paul II contributed to the collapse of the Soviet system and pressed home spiritual values in a world he saw...
22 January 2009
In a biotech laboratory close to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Bloomsbury, London, Professor...
08 January 2009
The other day I went along to see the Darwin exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. There's a mock-up of...