Jeremy Rosen is an orthodox rabbi who in addition to his pulpits has also been a Headmaster and Professor of Comparative Religion. He now travels and concentrates on writing.

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02 April 2009
Is death to be welcomed or feared? Is the priority the living or the dead? The Jewish tradition incorporates all these...
03 May 2007
Amongst the various charges levelled against Judaism is its seeming over preoccupation with ritual. People find it hard...
Global Issues
02 May 2007
A principle of Western religions is ‘Benevolence’ that God cares and is involved in daily human existence, rewards the...
Middle East
01 May 2007
It is a fundamental of most religions that there is a God who has created and runs our universe. But, in the Jewish...
International Politics
30 April 2007
My religious enlightenment began at the Windmill Theatre. It was Baron Corvo’s mythical Pope Hadrian 7th who turned to...