Jeremy Dear was elected as the NUJ’s youngest-ever General Secretary. He is also a former union President and National Executive Council member.

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UK Politics
09 September 2008
Oh the drama – a card vote over whether we back the TUC organising strikes over public service pay – today’s hot topic...
UK Politics
10 July 2008
BBC Director General Mark Thompson said bosses in the private sector would “roll on the floor laughing” at the...
UK Politics
24 April 2008
In 1989, 14 of us working for the Essex Chronicle walked out on strike. Striking was not in fashion. After the defeats...
17 October 2007
The BBC is heading for a series of potentially damaging strikes following the approval of plans to axe thousands of...
International Politics
05 June 2007
The murder of Anna Politkovskya - gunned down in the centre of Moscow - shocked many in the west. Yet for Russia’s...
Human Rights
20 November 2006
Samuel Morales had to adopt a 20-point security checklist just to stay alive. Every day, the 40-year-old teacher would...