Jemima Khan is associate editor of the New Statesman

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12 February 2012
"Terribly," says Boris to his cheery director of external affairs, Guto Harri, who has popped in to check how...
12 February 2012
How important to you is it to be liked? No more than most politicians. What is your idea of perfect happiness?...
12 February 2012
In our exclusive interview, Jemima Khan finds the Labour challenger spoiling for a fight, with opinions on everything...
09 February 2012
Why does fashion matter? I don't know if it matters. I always used to wriggle out of the question "Is...
The Staggers
08 February 2012
Boris Johnson, according to a poll, is the person with whom most Londoners would like to have breakfast. Last Friday, I...
International Politics
23 November 2011
Pakistan drone strikes.
World Affairs
07 April 2011
When Jason Cowley and I first discussed this guest edit over breakfast in January, I explained that I wanted to explore...