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UK Politics
29 October 2009
I am pleased to see that Rory Stewart, having failed in Bracknell, has been selected as the prospective Conservative...
UK Politics
11 June 2009
Brown and Shakespeare
International Politics
12 March 2009
In July 1989 I graduated from university, and then, shortly afterwards, during that unusually warm and settled summer,...
20 February 2009
In extracts from his exclusive interviews with the New Statesman, David Miliband talks about his childhood, the current...
UK Politics
19 February 2009
One afternoon in January at a private lunch at the British high commissioner’s residence in Delhi, a fine, white-...
UK Politics
22 January 2009
Through the Seventies and much of the Eighties my father used to travel to and in India. He worked in fashion and the...
18 December 2008
Last weekend I was in the south of France for a friend's 40th birthday party, held at his villa in the hills above the...
UK Politics
14 May 2007
Ian McEwan's latest novel, On Chesil Beach, returns us to the summer of 1962, and to the hopes and aspirations of a...
Human Rights
16 April 2007
Noted at the end of each of the essays collected here is the city in which they were written: Lima, Madrid, Paris,...
18 December 2006
I arrived in Adelaide in early December, and one of the first things I saw, when I went for a walk around the city, was...
18 September 2006
When in the late 1990s Ian Hamilton began compiling The Penguin Book of 20th-Century Essays, he was certain that there...
21 August 2006
In 1938 Yasunari Kawabata was commissioned by a Tokyo newspaper to write about a championship game of Go between the...
03 July 2006
I'm sometimes asked if there is anything I don't enjoy about being here in Germany for the Observer to cover the World...
22 May 2006
Inspirational - yet worlds apart: there was no doubt about the victor in our readers' survey to find the heroes...
03 April 2006
Those of us in the affluent, liberal democracies of the west are perhaps the most fortunate people ever to have lived,...