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UK Politics
26 May 2011
Vince Cable
UK Politics
12 May 2011
There is a certain doubleness at play in the character of Ed Miliband, a tension between the idealism of the man who...
Cultural Capital
05 May 2011
One recent afternoon, I took the opportunity to visit the newly reconstructed Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres in...
UK Politics
27 April 2011
Towards the end of the 1970s, as rubbish lay uncollected on the streets during yet another industrial dispute and you...
20 April 2011
To Kensington Town Hall in west London on Saturday 9 April for the New Statesman/ Frontline Club debate. The motion was...
The Staggers
15 April 2011
Scared of Murdoch?
Music and Performance
07 April 2011
Peter Brook once complained of his “deep hatred" for what he described as the "motionlessness" of...
24 March 2011
In October 1967, the American poet Robert Lowell, who was jailed for his pacifism during the Second World War,...
10 February 2011
The coalition government is beginning to unravel. There is no sense of intellectual coherence to the government's...
UK Politics
29 December 2010
On the final afternoon of the second Test in Adelaide, in which the England cricket team was triumphant, I drove up to...
The Staggers
24 December 2010
A defence
The Staggers
18 November 2010
To the Royal Hospital Gardens in Chelsea last night for the dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Spectator's...
UK Politics
18 November 2010
Unseen papers
UK Politics
19 October 2010
"It will be said that in a world of internationally mobile capital and people it is counterproductive to tax...
UK Politics
23 September 2010
In the autumn of 2008, Vince Cable was the principal guest at one of our New Statesman Thursday lunches. Back then he...