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Food and Drink
02 January 2012
The afternoon I arrived in the Barossa Valley, in the state of South Australia, I was warned that an unusually severe...
The Staggers
16 December 2011
He had no equal in contemporary Anglo-American letters; there are followers and disciples but no heir apparent. I...
UK Politics
12 December 2011
Throughout the New Labour years of frivolous and credit-fuelled consumption, our culture was in thrall to a banal cult...
06 October 2011
In the early 1990s, I began spending occasional weekends at my girlfriend's family home on the edges of the old...
UK Politics
22 September 2011
Age: 32Labour, Leeds WestAt the Labour party conference in Manchester last year, I was talking to Sunder Katwala, who...
22 September 2011
On Tinker, Tailor
UK Politics
22 August 2011
In his great book After Virtue, published in 1981, Alasdair MacIntyre wrote that the most striking feature of "...
23 June 2011
Well, that was a quiet week . . . After the hysterical response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's leader in last week's...
UK Politics
26 May 2011
Vince Cable
UK Politics
12 May 2011
There is a certain doubleness at play in the character of Ed Miliband, a tension between the idealism of the man who...
Cultural Capital
05 May 2011
One recent afternoon, I took the opportunity to visit the newly reconstructed Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres in...
UK Politics
27 April 2011
Towards the end of the 1970s, as rubbish lay uncollected on the streets during yet another industrial dispute and you...
20 April 2011
To Kensington Town Hall in west London on Saturday 9 April for the New Statesman/ Frontline Club debate. The motion was...
The Staggers
15 April 2011
Scared of Murdoch?
Music and Performance
07 April 2011
Peter Brook once complained of his “deep hatred" for what he described as the "motionlessness" of...