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Food and Drink
29 October 2001
Did Gitta Sereny fall in love with Albert Speer? There is little doubt that she was mesmerised, as was the Fuhrer...
15 October 2001
"All wars are so many attempts to bring about new relations among the states and to form new bodies by the break-up of...
24 September 2001
The NS Profile.
17 September 2001
Is there a more consistently unpredictable figure in modern pop than Bjork? It's certainly hard to think of another...
Food and Drink
10 September 2001
David Sexton's contribution to the innovative Short Books series is a study of Thomas Harris, the creator of the Uber-...
Food and Drink
27 August 2001
John Simpson describes himself as a "traveller on the face of the earth", and reading this fine account of his long...
Food and Drink
20 August 2001
This is the account of a celebrated murder case in France. For 18 years, Jean-Claude Romand lived a life of elaborate...
Food and Drink
13 August 2001
It is difficult to think of any band that has more of an archival presence in British rock music than Joy Division....
Food and Drink
06 August 2001
Super-Cannes, like so much of J G Ballard's fiction, is a study of a utopian settlement which, for all the cool...
23 July 2001
Evelyn Waugh had this advice for a young writer: "Reviews matter very little in the case of a novel. The important...
16 July 2001
Why is Martyn Bedford not better known? He certainly deserves to be, as his novels are among the most vividly imagined...
Food and Drink
11 June 2001
To read Mia Couto is to encounter a peculiarly African sensibility, a writer of fluid, fragmentary narratives. His work...
04 June 2001
Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen was a cultural conservative, monarchist and extreme pessimist, at once listlessly estranged...
04 June 2001
The British novel is back in the stocks - and this time it is the ubiquitous Andrew Marr who is throwing the wet...
21 May 2001
The Great Food Gamble ends with a set-piece interview between John Humphrys, enemy of modern cant, and . . . er, John...